Every day we notice the winter is creeping nearer, with temperatures slowly dropping. Still, with this tub, you could easily sit outside and enjoy a nice warm bath.

“Floris Schoonderbeek, a dutch designer, says his plastic outdoor hot tub looks like a cannibal’s kettle, called the Dutchtub, it requires no electricity, plumbing or hot water. Just fill it with a garden hose or a pail, put forewood in the bin, light it up, wait a while and enjoy a 100-degree soak with natural eddies. Mr. Schoonderbeek says the dutchtub, which weighs 165 pounds, is a “new way of outdoor bathing.” It will fit in the back of an S.U.V. and can be used at a campsite or even on a sturdy roof.
The designer plans to take one to the Alps this winter and fill it with snow.”

.:. Douglas Heingartner, New York Times

One handmade dutchtub is yours for €4450.

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