WebcamToday Google starts rolling out voice and video chat inside Gmail—which requires a free browser plug-in download, and, obviously, a webcam or microphone. Say hello to Gmail voice and video chat.

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Doe mee met de conversatie

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  1. Wow, this is great. I’m a GTalk user and this will be great news! Anyway, GTalk is not available in Mac OS though. I was quite sad because in comparison to YM on Windows and on Mac, the Mac version is waaaaayy much cooler.

    Love your site though. It’s in Dutch, but it’s really nice.

  2. This video chat is for Gmail, not GTalk. Since Gmail is not OS-dependent, it should be possible to get this running on a Mac. If not, then it’s probably already being hacked together. Be sure to keep any eye on the weblogs that focus on Google.

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