She's 3rd brightest but hard "Gal" to seeThis very text appears in the headline of a newspaper in various films and tv-series all around the world.

It is a fictional newspaper, used just for show. It has a familiar look but all content is fictional.

Any idea why? Perhaps this:

At a guess: paranoid studio lawyers don’t want to use real newspapers because they think that they might get a copyright complaint from the paper (despite this incidental use being clearly fair use), so they insist that set-dressers all use the same prop that’s fully rights-cleared. #

The image even appears in advertising clips.

In Other News…

Another headline states: Compromise Housing Bill Sent to President for OK.

Compromise Housing Bill Sent to President for OK
Compromise Housing Bill Sent to President for OK

If you feel like completing our knowledge of this fictional newspaper, here is a mosaic of other appearances. Even more at: Crossover at Picasa.

Fictional newspaper

Source: Reddit

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