links for 2006-12-28

  • Math formulas jokesEverybody loves a math joke
    Judging by the facebook group “I Wish I Were Your Derivative So I Could Lie Tangent To Your Curves!” with 42,000 members, everybody loves a math joke.
    (tags: mathematics humor geek)
  • 100 things we didn’t know last year
    Each week, the Magazine chronicles interesting and sometimes downright unexpected facts from the news, through its strand 10 things we didn’t know last week. Here, to round off the year, are some of the best from the past 12 months.
    (tags: 2006 interesting news)
  • Scientists Launch “Planet Hunter”
    The COROT project sent into orbit a telescope capable of detecting planets smaller than is currently known; some maybe just a few times the size of Earth and rocky, rather than the larger, gaseous types.
    (tags: astronomy science technology)
  • Parrot’s oratory stuns scientists
    The finding of a parrot with an almost unparalleled power to communicate with people has brought scientists up short.
    (tags: biology language animals science)
  • iPod vending machines
    A single iPod vending machine sold thousand dollars worth of iPods in one month. “We’ve done about $55,000 in a month in gross sales just for the one on Concourse A.”
    (tags: Apple iPod commercial business)
  • Coffee cup brain tricksUsing coffee to trick your brain
    By being in a state of physiological arousal while being interviewed (due to the hight of the bridge), it was predicted that subjects would misattribute their physiological response as an attraction to the female experimenter.
    (tags: lifehacks coffee work biology)
  • Time magazines 50 Coolest Websites (2006)
    A look at the 50 Coolest Websites of 2006, with links to all of them. Many of this year’s choices are shining examples of Web 2.0.
    (tags: 2006 internet links weblog lists web2.0)
  • Russian Wooden Skyscraper
    A twelve stored wooden tower, more than 38 metres high, in Arkhangelsk city. All surrounding houses in the town usually have two or three stories. A vodka-fire just waiting to happen…
    (tags: architecture russia)
  • Counting on Christmas Statistics
    From 25-year-old fruitcake to the new PlayStation 3, Americans celebrate the holidays in their own way. Here’s a yuletide yardstick of the 2006 season. $93.2 billion given to religious organizations, $38.6 billion to education.
    (tags: Christmas USA statistics commercial government)
  • Hacking a GTD Moleskine
    Student and blogger Eston Bond describes in detail his methods for Getting Things Done with a Moleskine.
    (tags: lifehacks productivity work moleskine)
  • Aurora Borealis, Northern LightsAurora Borealis from Space
    The picture above is of the Aurora Borealis photographed from the recent space shuttle mission. City lights and stars are also visible in this image from space because of the long camera exposure.
    (tags: nature astronomy earth photography)
  • Prince Harry sent to Iraq next year
    Prince Harry is to be sent to Iraq next year as a troop commander and is likely to patrol the hazardous border with Iran, defence sources have disclosed.
    (tags: iraq news royalty war england)
  • Saddam Hussein farewell letter
    “I call on you not to hate because hate does not leave space for a person to be fair and it makes you blind and closes all doors of thinking,” said the letter, and then it goes on to say: “Long live jihad and the mujahedeen.”
    (tags: iraq justice politics writing letters news)
  • One Result Of Trusting A Child To Learn
    Eighteen-year-old Abby Stewart got word this month that she won early admission to elite Princeton University, even though she has never set foot in a high school classroom.
    (tags: education children learning parenting teaching)

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