Kim Jong-IlIt’s true that Dr Hwang Woo-suk has been play­ing around with his cloning devices for quite some time now. Before the trai­tor start­ed work­ing for our south­ern ene­mies, he used to work for the beloved leader of North Korea, pres­i­dent Kim Jong-Il.

Our leader has always said he wants a clone of his father so he can patro­n­ise him for once. Not many peo­ple may know this, but the poor Kim had a lousy child­hood — the poor guy still suf­fers from it.

I should know, because we were friends for a long time, just up to the point when he stuffed me inside that ICBM and tried to launch me towards a very hot place in the mid­dle of our solarsys­tem.

Some ‘friend’ he is. Good thing I man­aged to escape.

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