16 mei 2021


Mijn Mondiale Mening

Amasia, het toekomstige supercontinent

Amasia supercontinent

Binnen enkele miljoenen jaren ontstaat er een nieuw super­continent: Amasia. Dat staat te lezen in Science. Aartsvijanden Rusland en de Verenigde Staten zullen aldus met elkaar verbonden waren. In het verleden waren er al eerdere supercontinenten: Pangaea, Rodinia en Nuna.

Amasia supercontinentOver the next few hundred million years, the Arctic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea will disappear, and Asia will crash into the Americas forming a supercontinent that will stretch across much of the Northern Hemisphere. That’s the conclusion of a new analysis of the movements of these giant landmasses.

Unlike in today’s world, where a variety of tectonic plates move across Earth’s surface carrying the bits of crust that we recognize as continents, ancient Earth was home to supercontinents, which combined most if not all major landmasses into one. Previous studies suggest that supercontinents last about 100 million years or so before they break apart, setting the pieces adrift to start another cycle.