300 filmWatch­ing 300 for free online. I stud­ied his­to­ry, and under­stand why this film is incred­i­bly inac­cu­rate.

(20m) Soft-porn, racism, green screen BS, clich­es, … in the first 15 min­utes. I won­der what oth­er sur­pris­es 300 has in store for this view­er.

(42m) I can make my film last two hours as well if I let every­thing play in slow motion.

(52m) I won­der how many liters of com­put­er gen­er­at­ed ketchup were used in 300. Blood seems to be erupt­ing from every sin­gle Per­sian around.

(56m) James Earl Jones does the voice-over for Xerx­es! LMAO XD Too bad he looks more like a rep­re­sen­ta­tive of the Mar­maris Gold Cen­tre in Bodrum.

(1u10m) Why do those Per­sian Immor­tals remind me of Darth Vad­er? And what is He-Man the Bar­bar­ian doing there?

(1u25m) Elec­tric gui­tar music? Rhi­no cav­al­ry? Chi­nese fire­works galore? Edward Scis­sorhands? WTF!? No won­der that poor Spar­tan boy lost his head.

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