300 filmWatching 300 for free online. I studied history, and understand why this film is incredibly inaccurate.

(20m) Soft-porn, racism, green screen BS, cliches, … in the first 15 minutes. I wonder what other surprises 300 has in store for this viewer.

(42m) I can make my film last two hours as well if I let everything play in slow motion.

(52m) I wonder how many liters of computer generated ketchup were used in 300. Blood seems to be erupting from every single Persian around.

(56m) James Earl Jones does the voice-over for Xerxes! LMAO XD Too bad he looks more like a representative of the Marmaris Gold Centre in Bodrum.

(1u10m) Why do those Persian Immortals remind me of Darth Vader? And what is He-Man the Barbarian doing there?

(1u25m) Electric guitar music? Rhino cavalry? Chinese fireworks galore? Edward Scissorhands? WTF!? No wonder that poor Spartan boy lost his head.

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