16 mei 2021


Mijn Mondiale Mening

South Park: Make Love, Not Warcraft (S10E08)

Make Love Not WarcraftEen nieuwe aflevering van South Park staat op het internet, onder de titel Make Love, Not Warcraft. Voer dus voor de talrijke fans van de MMORPG World of Warcraft.

Plot van deze aflevering (via Wikipedia):

Someone keeps logging onto the World of Warcraft game and killing the South Park characters’ characters, leading everyone to become incredibly frustrated; some simply want to quit the game altogether. Cartman and the others gather the other boys of South Park to combine into a team to defeat this mysterious menace. When the renegade player nevertheless destroys them all, and many other players, the makers of the game become concerned that he will eventually destroy enough people that people will simply stop playing, and effectively destroy the game’s membership.”

23u00: Google Video kan de vraag blijkbaar niet meer aan, maar gelukkig kan je wel nog steeds de originele versie bekijken op de website van South Park Studios.