Fragments of Canadian Meteor Found

Meteoriet Canada

Frag­ments of the big mete­orite that lit up the Cana­di­an skies across the provinces of Alber­ta and Saskatchewan last week have been found, accord­ing to a report in CBC online. Uni­ver­si­ty of Cal­gary sci­en­tists said they locat­ed sev­er­al mete­orite frag­ments late Thurs­day after­noon, and they were plan­ning to take reporters to the site Fri­day. Plan­e­tary sci­en­tist Dr. Alan Hilde­brand and grad­u­ate stu­dent Ellen Mil­ley believe thou­sands of mete­orite bits from the 10-ton bolide are strewn over a 20-square-kilo­me­tre area. The video below of the fire­ball was tak­en by a video cam­era in a police car in Edmon­ton, Alber­ta.

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