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Webhu­mor van de week op Twit­ter: CSS pick-up lines. Opgepast: niet geschikt voor gewone ster­velin­gen! 

  • Baby, you make my posi­tion: absolute
  • #me { z‑index: 3 } #you { z‑index: 2 }
  • You are the clear to my float.
  • #me { over­flow: vis­i­ble; float: left } #you { clear: both; text-align: right; font-style: bold; back­ground-attach­ment: none }
  • body {back­ground: #000} .me {line-height: 6in} .you {top: auto; posi­tion: rel­a­tive; ele­va­tion: high­er, low­er, high­er, low­er}
  • Is my over­flow still vis­i­ble?
  • .bed #you, .bed #me { position:relative;}
  • Let’s :focus on get­ting :active
  • .me {ver­ti­cal-align: bot­tom } .you {ver­ti­cal-align: top }
  • Wow, you real­ly are in a class of your own!
  • .spank­ing { ‑webkit-trans­form: rotateX(180deg); col­or: #f00; dis­play: inline }
  • body.mouth{ posi­tion: absolute; top:60%; left:50%; ‑webkit-ani­ma­tion: pulse 1s infi­nite alter­nate ease-in-out }

(Via Net­sen­sei, naar een idee van Tim Van Damme.)

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