Mijn Mondiale Mening

Als Trinny en Susannah het zeggen…

Trinny and Susannah

Trinny and Susannah

Bij deze geef ik ook meteen toe dat ik wel eens naar hun programma What Not to Wear op Vitaya durf zappen.

Well done! You’ve got style and you know how to work it!

You give Sarah Jessica Parker a run for her money. You know what’s in, you know what suits you and you have a style all of your own.

If you have a crisis in your life, you dress up rather than down because you know that first impressions can really make a difference.

Looking good is a priority for you. You love clothes and although men may come and go, a good handbag is for life.

Euhm… ok. Deze test was dus toch eerder op vrouwen gericht vrees ik.

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