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Onlangs las ik een nieuwsar­tikel over de ges­pan­nen relatie tussen Chi­na en Tai­wan. Na 55 jaar schei­d­ing lev­en die twee nog steeds op voet van oor­log. Hoe zou dat er in de toekomst kun­nen uitzien?

BEIJING, Chi­na (CNN) 2035 — On the 30th anniver­sary of the pass­ing of Chi­nese leg­is­la­tion autho­riz­ing the use of force if the island of Tai­wan attempt­ed to declare inde­pen­dance from the main­land, the Unit­ed States 6th Car­ri­er Bat­tle­group head­ed by the U.S.S. Ronald Rea­gan and the Chi­nese 1st Car­ri­er Bat­tle­group head­ed by the Mao Zedong are tak­ing part in an unex­pect­ed show­down 100 nau­ti­cal miles south of the Chi­nese shore.

“It’s hard to tell the ships apart, there are Amer­i­can destroy­ers and car­ri­ers side by side with Chi­nese destroy­ers and car­ri­ers, Amer­i­can and Chi­nese fight­ers are per­form­ing awe inspir­ing for­ma­tion fly­ing about three hun­dred feet off the deck above us.” reports Nat­su­ki Chang, a new addi­tion to the CNN fam­i­ly. “It’s tru­ly beau­ti­ful, only a few years ago these sailors were ready to kill each oth­er.”

Today’s event marks the lat­est in a series of improve­ments between the rela­tions of the big three super­pow­ers, Amer­i­ca, Chi­na and the Euro­pean Union. The sec­ond cold war offi­cial­ly end­ed in Octo­ber 21st, 2025 with the sign­ing of the Greater Earth Peace Accord which ensured Taiwan’s demo­c­ra­t­ic polit­i­cal free­doms while sur­ren­der­ing cer­tain eco­nom­ic resources and promis­ing to nev­er demand inde­pen­dance.

“The Chi­nese Empire has fin­ished it’s peri­od of mil­i­tary build up and expan­sion­ism, the Chi­nese peo­ple remain strong and proud. Our new rela­tion­ship with the Unit­ed States and the Euro­pean Union only rein­forces this.” The Chi­nese Pres­i­dent said in an accep­tance speech today fol­low­ing his sec­ond term re-elec­tion. China’s Demo­c­ra­t­ic and Civ­il Rights reform were hard fought, but con­ces­sions between the Com­mu­nist and Cap­i­tal­ist par­ties have ensured the empire will con­tin­ue to use a hybrid sys­tem for decades to come, to the cha­grin of the W.T.O.

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