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Onlangs las ik een nieuwsartikel over de gespannen relatie tussen China en Taiwan. Na 55 jaar scheiding leven die twee nog steeds op voet van oorlog. Hoe zou dat er in de toekomst kunnen uitzien?

BEIJING, China (CNN) 2035 — On the 30th anniversary of the passing of Chinese legislation authorizing the use of force if the island of Taiwan attempted to declare independance from the mainland, the United States 6th Carrier Battlegroup headed by the U.S.S. Ronald Reagan and the Chinese 1st Carrier Battlegroup headed by the Mao Zedong are taking part in an unexpected showdown 100 nautical miles south of the Chinese shore.

“It’s hard to tell the ships apart, there are American destroyers and carriers side by side with Chinese destroyers and carriers, American and Chinese fighters are performing awe inspiring formation flying about three hundred feet off the deck above us.” reports Natsuki Chang, a new addition to the CNN family. “It’s truly beautiful, only a few years ago these sailors were ready to kill each other.”

Today’s event marks the latest in a series of improvements between the relations of the big three superpowers, America, China and the European Union. The second cold war officially ended in October 21st, 2025 with the signing of the Greater Earth Peace Accord which ensured Taiwan’s democratic political freedoms while surrendering certain economic resources and promising to never demand independance.

“The Chinese Empire has finished it’s period of military build up and expansionism, the Chinese people remain strong and proud. Our new relationship with the United States and the European Union only reinforces this.” The Chinese President said in an acceptance speech today following his second term re-election. China’s Democratic and Civil Rights reform were hard fought, but concessions between the Communist and Capitalist parties have ensured the empire will continue to use a hybrid system for decades to come, to the chagrin of the W.T.O.

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