Oblong g-speak

If you’ve been wait­ing for that Minor­i­ty Report-style inter­face to real­ly come to fruition, you can final­ly exhale. One of the sci­ence advi­sors from the Steven Spiel­berg film has cre­at­ed a real-world imple­men­ta­tion of the com­put­er sys­tems seen in the film. Dubbed g‑speak, the mind bend­ing OS com­bines “ges­tur­al i/o, recom­bi­nant net­work­ing, and real-world pix­els,” to deliv­er what the cre­ators call “the first major step in [a] com­put­er inter­face since 1984.” Watch the video and let your mind be blown away.

Gepubliceerd door Stijn Vogels

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