16 mei 2021


Mijn Mondiale Mening

Links, 27 april 2005

  • DiggeliciousNokia ships a 4GB MP3 phone. Nokia’s new N91 phones have a 4GB hard-drive and play unrestricted MP3 tracks.
  • The miniMate, MicroNet’s new external disk drive up to 400GB and port replicator, is created specifically to complement Apple’s new Mac Mini.
  • Ground zero: Asheville? Unannounced military training alarms city residents. Some Asheville residents felt they were living in a war zone one recent evening, as explosions and gunfire echoed through downtown for several hours.
  • Exploding toads puzzle german scientists. More than 1,000 toads have puffed up and exploded in a Hamburg pond in recent weeks, and scientists still have no explanation for what’s causing the combustion, an official said Wednesday.
  • Beijing man lives in nest. A Chinese poet has built a spherical nest and mounted it on a 10 foot poll in a Beijing’s business district. He plans to live in the nest for a month.
  • UFO Sends Bush to Basement. For a few minutes earlier today, President Bush retreated to an underground shelter and tourists were evacuated from the White House’s East Wing.