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Last year Copyblogger disabled the comments on their blog. That’s unfortunate, because I find their podcast The Lede really interesting. In their latest episode they discussed the How to Learn from Your Successes. This is my opinion on their latest episode, 25 minutes in, while at the same time vacuum cleaning my living room.

It sounds like what you were saying is: when you started working at Copyblogger, you did not feel confident enough about your own capabilities. In a moment like this, your new colleagues should have noticed your discomfort, and given you a little boost of self-confidence. Something in the spirit of: “Hey man, we know you may be doubting yourself right now. But remember: we picked you above all the other candidates because we believe that YOU have the right stuff to pull off this job.”

Motivating people, or finding your own motivation can be tricky. Sometimes you just don’t feel like it. Other times your productive spurt is stifled by distractions. Creating a supportive, understanding yet challenging workplace is a challenge for every company.

By the way: if you (the people from Copyblogger) are looking for someone with the right mindset, who is willing to work hard, shoot me an email.

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