Donald TrumpDon­ald Trump is naast suc­cesvol con artist en Repub­likeins kan­di­daat voor de Amerikaanse pres­i­dentsverkiezin­gen ook nog een globaal risi­co. Dat schri­jft alvast The Econ­o­mist in haar Glob­al Risk overzicht. Daar­bij staat Trump op een gedeelde 5de plaats, wat een mogelijk pres­i­dentschap van ‘The Don’ even gevaar­lijk als jiha­di ter­ror­isme.

Thus far Mr Trump has giv­en very few details of his poli­cies — and these tend to be prone to con­stant revi­sion — but a few themes have become appar­ent. First, he has been excep­tion­al­ly hos­tile towards free trade, includ­ing notably NAFTA, and has repeat­ed­ly labelled Chi­na as a “cur­ren­cy manip­u­la­tor”.

He has also tak­en an excep­tion­al­ly puni­tive stance on the Mid­dle East and jiad­hi ter­ror­ism, includ­ing, among oth­er things, advo­cat­ing the killing of fam­i­lies of ter­ror­ists and launch­ing a land incur­sion into Syr­ia to wipe out IS (and acquire its oil).

In the event of a Trump vic­to­ry, his hos­tile atti­tude to free trade, and alien­ation of Mex­i­co and Chi­na in par­tic­u­lar, could esca­late rapid­ly into a trade war — and at the least scup­per the Trans-Pacif­ic Part­ner­ship between the US and 11 oth­er Amer­i­can and Asian states signed in Feb­ru­ary 2016.

His mil­i­taris­tic ten­den­cies towards the Mid­dle East (and ban on all Mus­lim trav­el to the US) would be a potent recruit­ment tool for jiha­di groups, increas­ing their threat both with­in the region and beyond, while his vocal scep­ti­cism towards NATO would weak­en efforts to con­tain Russia’s expan­sion­ist ten­den­cies. (Bron­ver­meld­ing)

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