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A couple of weeks ago Crystal Knows was launched. Naturally I signed up for the beta. What does it do?

“Crystal tells you the best way to communicate with any prospect, customer, or coworker based on their unique personality. Crystal analyzes public data to tell you how you can expect any given person to behave, how he or she wants to be spoken to, and perhaps more importantly, what you can expect your relationship to be like.”

So it checks how you communicate, and then helps other people to talk to you more effectively, for the optimal reception between sender and receiver. Communication 101, really.

I received my invitation a couple of days ago, but only just had time to complete the registration process. Here is what it says about me, “with 95% confidence”. While I may not agree with everything, a lot of this stuff is a pretty good guess. Personal comments inside parentheses.

Stijn is analytical, skeptical, and focused on results, but also appreciates ideas and likes to talk.

Guess it’s off to a good start. If my masters has taught me anything, it is to be skeptical and self-concious. I enjoy challenging my own ideas and can appreciate a good ping-ping of ideas.

When speaking to Stijn…
Use words like “done”, “absolutely”, and “it’s taken care of”.
Don’t get offended if they ends the conversation abruptly.
Don’t expect to lead the conversation.
Don’t take time to earn trust before making your point.

Feel free to take your cue from Ralph Waldo Emerson: “What you do speaks so loudly that I cannot hear what you say.” Affirmative answers really give me confidence in your capabilities. Now back to work.

When emailing Stijn…
Use data to prove a point.
Write 3 sentences or less.
Don’t use a sentence to express appreciation for their time.
Don’t add non-essential but friendly lines like “hope you’re doing well”.

Hahaha this is so true! I’m a follower of three.sentenc.es, which is why my answers are usually very to-the-point. And if you don’t share the data I need, I will certainly ask you for it.

When working with Stijn…
Surprise them to get their attention.
Offer blunt constructive criticism.
Don’t expect a long time to earn their trust.
Don’t let an accomplishment go unappreciated.

Surprises will always get my attention. Preferably a pleasant surprise. Compliments are appreciated, but certainly not required. I’ll only accept compliments from people who I look up to. Time to talk straight. Lose the fluff. Get to the point and go back to work.

When selling to Stijn…
Make sure you’re prepared for tough questions.
Ask a tough question or issue a challenge.
Don’t spend lots of time talking about topics unrelated to work.
Don’t focus on your company’s past accomplishments and credentials.

I guess I’m a salersperson’s worst nightmight. Expext a lot of questions. Should you pose a challenge, it may backfire.

It comes naturally to Stijn to…
Be frustrated if someone is late to a meeting.
Speak up to get everyone back on topic in a meeting.
Feel anxious about someone else making decisions on their behalf.
Enjoy argument and debate.

Yes, timekeeping is my business. You can talk about those new shoes of yours at another time. Wasting my time is an intolerable show of disrespect.Disagreement works very stimulating. But I’ll make my own decisions, tyvm.

It does not come naturally to Stijn to…
Easily percieve the emotions of others.
Comfort someone in a sad situation.
Reveal vulnerability to build trust.
Feel naturally empathetic.

Nope. Don’t agree with any of this.

What was your result? And did you agree with it or not?

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Stijn Vogels, een erkende expert in geopolitieke en technologische trends, analyseert wereldgebeurtenissen sinds 2003. Met een geschiedenisdiploma van de Universiteit van Gent worden zijn inzichten gepubliceerd op zijn blog, Aardling, en sociale media platforms. Stijn heeft ook een wereldwijde schrijversgemeenschap opgezet gericht op internationale betrekkingen. Gekend voor "connecting the dots" tussen technologie en politiek, streeft hij ernaar 'goed te doen' door middel van zijn doordachte analyses en waardevolle perspectieven op onze snel veranderende wereld.

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  1. You have the same personality type as Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Hillary Clinton, Albert Einstein… and the reason you don’t “get” emotions is because you’ve spent more time thinking about solutions to problems, innovating, thinking of possibilities rather than about “feelings” which might seem gooey to you.

    I would say you are a Myers-Briggs xNTJ [the x is either Extrovert or Introvert]. Am I right? jay@quantmethod.com

    1. Perhaps. The last time I tested my personality, which must have been three weeks ago, I ended up with the ENFP-type which Keirsey refers to as “the champion”. So no xNT here. How about you yourself Jay?

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