Harvey Specter

Harvey Specter loopt Mike Ross tegen het lijf wanneer deze moet vluchten voor de politie. De twee kunnen het wel met elkaar vinden, en de rest is het begin van Suits: een ge­wel­di­ge serie over een ad­vo­cat­en­kan­toor in New York.

Ster van de serie is in mijn ogen toch wel Specter. Maar wie is Harvey Specter eigenlijk?

Harvey is a total man’s man. The kind of guy who is such a smooth talker, the smartest guy in the room and knows that. He can talk his way out of anything. A guy who resembles a bit of Steve McQueen in ‘Bullitt’. With the three-piece suits, he has got this elegance and sophistication, but he is also a tough guy underneath.


Binnen enkele weken komt de conclusie van het tweede seizoen op televisie. De afleveringen tot nu waren al magistraal om volgen. Enkele van mijn favoriete momenten.

  1. The name’s Specter. Harvey Specter.
  2. Sometimes I think of meeting myself back when I was a kid, just to give him a fist bump and say: “We did it, you chubby little nerd.”
  3. If they know you care, they’ll walk all over you.

Harvey Specter met baseball bat

  1. The ball is in your court. But the truth is: your balls are in my fist. Now get your ass in there and close the goddamn deal.
  2. I cut billion dollar deals for breakfast, I don’t need this.
  3. You gonna buy me a drink before you screw me?

Harvey Specter de ladies man

  1. Louis: “It’s nine thirty. Nice of you to show up two hours after we open for business. And I see that you are also trying to look like a pimp.” Harvey: “My bad Louis, I was out late last night and when I woke up this was the suit your wife picked out for me.”
  2. You’re right. It was awesome.
  3. We’ve got no choice. We have to leave the country. I can get us two tickets to Buenoes Aires and have a chopper on the helipad in ten minutes.
  4. I refuse to answer that on the grounds that I don’t want to.

Harvey Specter

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