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De Apple iPad is ein­delijk hier, na maan­den­lang wacht­en en gerucht­en. Voor de vele fan­boys is dit een hoogdag. Maar niet iedereen is even tevre­den met het resul­taat, zoals blijkt uit onder­staande video.

Hitler responds to the iPad

Hans Krebs (Rolf Kanies): “We expect the iPad will be very pop­u­lar. It will prob­a­bly be sold out at Best Buy’s here and here, though we may be able to find it at these oth­er loca­tions.”

Adolf Hitler (Bruno Ganz): “That’s fine, I’ll just order it online.”

Krebs: “My Führer. The iPad…”

Alfred Jodl (Chris­t­ian Redl): “The iPad won’t sup­port mul­ti­task­ing. It will only be able to run one app at a time.”

Hitler: “Any­one who wasn’t plan­ning on buy­ing the iPad, please leave. […] What the fuck! Is this a joke? Fuck! Who do they think they are? What the hell is it then? They didn’t give it a cam­era, fine. But it’s on AT&T! How am I sup­posed to use their crap­py net­work? They could have rev­o­lu­tion­ized the mar­ket! It could have been amaz­ing!”

Wil­helm Burgdorf (Jus­tus von Dohnanyi): “My Führer, it can run iPhone apps.”

Hitler: “iPhone Apps? I want­ed a com­put­er! I want­ed OSX!”

Burgdorf: “My Führer, it’s also an eBook read­er.”

Hitler: “eBooks? If I want­ed eBooks I’d buy a Kin­dle. This is bull­shit! It had all the poten­tial in the world. It could have changed the mar­ket. It could have sin­gle hand­ed­ly destroyed net­books. But what do we get instead? An over­sized iPod Touch! The only thing it can do that my iPhone can’t is to have split screens. It can’t even make phone calls! There were so many rumors! Stu­pid iPad! I’ve spent so much time, wish­ing, dream­ing! That Apple would come out with the per­fect tablet. Shit! It sounds like a fuck­ing tam­pon! There is noth­ing man­ly about it at all! I want­ed to watch videos of lol­cats while lay­ing on the couch. But no. They won’t even give it flash sup­port. They’re still not giv­ing us the full web like they promised with the iPhone. How am I sup­posed to play Bloons?”

Traudl Junge (Alexan­dra Maria Lara): “Don’t wor­ry, you can play on my net­book.”

Hitler: “This is the first time in a long time that Apple has dis­ap­point­ed me so much. So sad. No one bet­ter gift it to me. I might as well wait for the HP slate now. They’ll prob­a­bly actu­al­ly get it right. I’ve lost all my faith in Apple. Leave me.”

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  1. The Hitler video is fun­ny, but it just con­firms that the PC pun­dits are mis­guid­ed in their tech­nol­o­gy think­ing. It’s like PC dweebs want to spend their mon­ey on one portable device that costs less that $500 and have it do every­thing.

    Go ahead buy your 10 pound Dell tablet that blue screens every 20 min­utes.

    1. To be per­fect­ly hon­est with you, from what my per­son­al expe­ri­ence tells me I’ve only been pre­sent­ed with a BSOD about once a year. The Asus net­book I’m typ­ing this on right now cost me €300, runs Win­dows XP and hasn’t died on me once. It’s cheap­er, faster, more ener­gy effi­cient, types faster with a real key­word, it has a cam­era, my brows­er does flash, can hold 160 GB, and has every­thing else the iPad is sup­posed to have.

      I’m not your stan­dard Win­dows-lov­ing noob. This was an edu­cat­ed choice. But feel free to spend dou­ble the price on an over­sized iPod Touch.

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