A Revolt of the Generals?

A top British com­man­der speaks can­did­ly about the grim out­look in Iraq. The straight-talk­ing chief of the British Army, Gen. Richard Dan­natt, gave inter­views to the Lon­don Dai­ly Mail and the BBC that had 10 Down­ing Street scram­bling. But will his more ret­i­cent Amer­i­can peers fol­low his lead?

“It’s an absolute fact that in some parts of the coun­try, the fact that we are there caus­es peo­ple to attack us, and in that sense, our pres­ence exac­er­bates vio­lence,” he said. The orig­i­nal hope of installing a lib­er­al demo­c­ra­t­ic gov­ern­ment is out of reach and might have been “naïve.” “We should aim for a low­er ambi­tion,” he argued — just keep­ing Iraq a uni­tary state. He has “much more opti­mism we can get it right in Afghanistan” than in Iraq. Though the British army “doesn’t do sur­ren­der,” he said he want­ed its 7,000 troops out “some­time soon” because “time is not our friend — we can’t be here for­ev­er at this lev­el. I have an army to look after, which is going to be suc­cess­ful in cur­rent oper­a­tions, but I want an army in five years’ time, ten years’ time; I don’t want to break it on this one.”

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