The Bush administration cannot allow the Democrats to take control of either house of Congress. And they are in a position to prevent it, regardless of the will of the American voters.

Important would be the reestablishment of Congressional oversight — of investigations, with the penalties of perjury and contempt of Congress, into vast array of crimes committed by the Bush administration. Among these crimes are bribery, the disappearance of billions of dollars in Iraq, war crimes, the disregard of acts of Congress, lying to Congress, and fraudulent elections.

[…] Should the GOP “fix” just three close elections, say in New Jersey, Missouri and Ohio, their control of the Senate is assured. […] For even if the GOP retains control of Congress through still more of the same electronic vote fraud combined with their familiar vote-suppression schemes, this could be the election that finally exposes and puts an end to the paperless, non-verifiable e-vote scam.

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