WordPress Plugins

WordPress Plugins

(English) This is a list of the 32 active plugins that are currently keeping aardling.com up an running. Feel free to have a look around. There’s a good chance you’ll find something you could use on your own site.

(Dutch) Dit is een overzicht van de 32 actieve plugins die op aardling.com de boel draaiende houden. Bekijk ze gerust eens allemaal, de kans is groot dat je iets tegenkomt wat je zelf ook kan gebruiken.

  1. Akismet
  2. Acronyms
  3. BruteProtect
  4. Broken Link Checker
  5. Dublin Core for WordPress
  6. Exec-PHP
  7. Edit Parent Comment ID
  8. Font Awesome Icons
  9. Google Analytics Top Content Widget
  10. Google Authenticator
  11. Google Analytics for WordPress
  12. Genesis eNews Extended
  13. Google Analytics Dashboard
  14. Genesis Simple Edits
  15. Genesis Translations
  16. Just Writing
  17. Media Ally
  18. No Self Pings
  19. Rich Text Tags, Categories, and Taxonomies
  20. Redirection
  21. Simply Exclude
  22. Subscribe To Comments
  23. Syntax Highlight
  24. Dagon Design Sitemap Generator
  25. SEO Smart Links
  26. WP-Optimize
  27. WP-Footnotes
  28. Widget Logic
  29. W3 Total Cache
  30. WordPress SEO
  31. ManageWP – Worker
  32. Yet Another Related Posts Plugin

WordPress Versions

WordPress saw its first daylight in 2003. Aardling switched over to using this CMS in December 2006. These are the version we have used so far.