The New DorkThe New Dork is een clip over online media en tegelijk­er­ti­jd een par­o­die op Jay‑Z en Ali­cia Keys’ Empire State of Mind. 1En het num­mer ‘Empire State of Mind’ is dan weer een cov­er van Bil­ly Joel’s ‘New York State of Mind’ uit 1976.

Bernie Mitchell (Twit­ter) toonde de clip van­daag tij­dens zijn pre­sen­tatie “Yes, this is a dig­i­tal world. But it would mean noth­ing with­out a woman or a man?” op de beurs Dig­i­tal Media First bij Tour & Taxis in Brus­sel.

Ik had de clip nog niet eerder gezien (shame on me) en was meteen onder de indruk van de tre­f­fende tekst. Knap werk van de Pant­less Knights



Now I’m in the blo­gos­phere, Now I’m in the twit­ter­verse
Fans get so immersed, But I’m a nerd for­ev­er
I’m the new Zucker­berg, And since my web­site
I been cookin dough like a chef servin kil­la-bytes
Used to be the base­ment, Back at my mom’s place
Buildin web traf­fic so that we could sell an ad space
Make way for the, One man busi­ness­es
Bail outs fin­ished with, White col­lar crim­i­nals
New sega gen­e­sis, Entre­pre­neur time
Makin big plans, To dom­i­nate the online
Yeah, I’m on YouTube, this is one man
Sharin’ google rev­enue, With songs on my web­cam
Sci­ence is the new art, Data­bas­es day to day
Geeks spreadin’ sheet smarts, Hus­tle, make the data pay
I could be in Val­ley­wag plus Geekolo­gie
Tell from my avatar, That I’m most def­i­nite­ly

The New Dork,
Social net­works — what dreams are made of, There’s noth­ing you can’t do
Now you’re the New Dork
This V.C. mon­ey is brand new, The geek is now damn cool
Let’s hear it for new dorks, new dorks, new dorks

Catch me up in Techcrunch, Right on the home­page
Hell, I’m on Giz­mo­do, In a pho­to bout a phone craze
And Im up in Mash­able, week­end trip to New York
Bar pit­ty, 1oak, par­ties full of New Dorks
Now I’m pitchin busi­ness plans, From the backs of nap­kans
Micro-lend to Africans, Mon­e­tize Kaza­kas­tan
Catch me up on linked-in, Dog, C.E.O.
You can see where I be, With the I.P.O.
Now I’m up in skin­ny jeans, Now a hipster’s lurkin’
Used to be a reject, But now I’m steady jerkin’
Now my glass­es main­stream, Now the girlies eye­in me
Pop­u­lar kids copy me, The new swag is irony
Comin’ from the small time, Girls couldn’t find me
Now I scale mod­els, Like I climb on top of Hei­di
Start big trends, with tweets that I pass on
You should fol­low me, cuz I’m friends with Ash­ton


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